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ChamberMail Marketing Program:
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ChamberMail is the way it ought to be – an attractive mailer representing the Chamber in the community and highlighting its members by reaching a buying audience second to none. Come discover why Chambers nationwide are now providing their consumer driven members a monthly opportunity for new business with ChamberMail – This is the program you’d invent yourself if you had the time and resources!

Marketing Tips Sponsored by your chamber of commerce

Know Your Customers

BullseyeDo you know your customers?   

Do you know their approximate age, their line of work, and where they live? Do you know what newspapers they read, or magazines they subscribe to? What radio stations they listen to, or television channels they watch? 

If they answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you need to do some customer homework to find out where your advertising and marketing dollars would be best spent. 

The best way to find out who your customers are is to ask them directly.  When you meet with them make sure you get birthdays and anniversary dates so you celebrate by offering them a gift.  Simple remembrances like this will keep customers coming back. 

Oftentimes, though, business owners simply don’t have the time to spend in lengthy conversations, so if this is the case with your business, consider creating a customer survey using the lure of a drawing or raffle.  The survey should be short, and asks them questions to determine where you should consider marketing your business.  In exchange, the winner receives a prize – and you should announce who the winner is at your place of business. 

Consider, too, offering customers a mutually beneficial referral program for every friend, family member, or colleague they refer to you.  You give them something in return for this new business.  Customer incentive programs offer two benefits for your business:  1. it will generate new business by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, and 2. create a buzz regarding your business.   

Next time you see a member of your Chamber’s staff, thank them for making this valuable information free to you.