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ChamberMail Marketing Program:
Nothing Even Comes Close!
ChamberMail is the way it ought to be – an attractive mailer representing the Chamber in the community and highlighting its members by reaching a buying audience second to none. Come discover why Chambers nationwide are now providing their consumer driven members a monthly opportunity for new business with ChamberMail – This is the program you’d invent yourself if you had the time and resources!

Marketing Tips Sponsored by your chamber of commerce


Follow up, or fall on your face.

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing  

Follow UpIt’s simple, common sense born of experience:  if you’ve spent time, effort and money in creating marketing campaign – and then implemented it and acquired prospects – of course you follow up!  IMMEDIATELY. 

If you’re mailing the general public and trying to get customers away from your competitors, develop a follow-up mailing schedule and maintain a consistent pattern – the more contacts you make, the more likely you’ll make a positive impression.  Its tough and usually costly trying to break an established relationship between your competitor and their existing customers.  Unless they’re dissatisfied. 

But if you’re mailing to a newcomer, and your offer is strong enough, you won’t have to mail again.  This market segment is in the process of developing their buying and shopping habits and routines, so you want to get to them fast, and with a beneficial offer. 

According to HMS, Inc. a marketing company in Southern California, consumers don’t respond as much to percentage-off offers for instance “buy one, get 10% off”.  Individuals have difficulty envisioning what 10% translates into their pocketbook.  The word FREE seems to work all the time…again, simple common sense. 

Next time you see a member of your Chamber’s staff, thank them for making this valuable information free to you.