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ChamberMail Marketing Program:
Nothing Even Comes Close!
ChamberMail is the way it ought to be – an attractive mailer representing the Chamber in the community and highlighting its members by reaching a buying audience second to none. Come discover why Chambers nationwide are now providing their consumer driven members a monthly opportunity for new business with ChamberMail – This is the program you’d invent yourself if you had the time and resources!


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2016 Brings New and Improved Data
Successful “Consumer driven” businesses recognize that New Homeowners who have above average incomes and higher credit scores have tremendous market value. From an advertisers perspective, access to these records creates a remarkable opportunity to promote products and services consumers are most likely to purchase. ChamberMail has extensively researched the industry and has secured the best data source in America in order to supply you, the chamber member, the best opportunity to obtain new business on an ongoing basis. Some changes resulted in this data change: We can no longer provide phone numbers.  Due to the newly extended liabilities by the FTC tied to telemarketing and issuing phone numbers as a provider, we will no longer be able to provide phone numbers starting January 2011. Providing them would be cost prohibitive for both us as a provider and you, the member. FTC fines are now $16,000.00 per violation.  In addition, Customer (advertising member) indemnifies and holds harmless CMS against any damages, fines or penalties and attorney's fees regarding the downloaded list. CMS can accept or imply no liability or responsibility related to the suppression of files against the list mailed by the Customer. The Customer agrees and understands that, in the event the list provided by CMS could contain inaccuracies, is incomplete, or is obsolete, CMS has completely fulfilled its obligation to Customer and offers no indemnification of protection of any kind in this regard.

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